Marshall-New Era Neighborhood Association
Marshall-New Era Neighborhood Association

Our Mission

to enhance the livability
of the
Marshall-New Era Park Neighborhood

Neighborhood Updates


Midtown Sacramento is a great place to live and Marshall-New Era is one of those wonderful neighborhoods. 

Who We Are

Marshall-New Era Neighborhood Association (MNENA)

MNENA members are your neighbors.  We all live in Sacramento's Midtown area and love it here.  We are passionate about working to make our neighborhood a place every resident can enjoy. If you'd like to join us in this endeavor, click on the button above to get Neighborhood Updates.  We'll keep you informed about development projects, City notices, neighborhood clean ups, local events and more.

Old Marshall School


  • Marshall School is the oldest school in Sacramento, built in 1903
  • Designed by architect Rudolf Herold (who also designed old City Hall)
  • Listed as a historic building with the City of Sacramento, architectural style is American Classical Revival
  • Served as an elementary school with SCUSD until 1976, closed due to lack of building code standards
  • Renovated by SCUSD in 1983, reopened as an Adult Education Center until 2009
  • Last used briefly as a Montessori School from July-November 2009

Current Reality

  • Boarded up windows, peeling paint, dryrot--poised to be a blight on our neighborhood
  • A dysfunctional school district unable to follow-through on thier own process to sell the building to a motivated developer with a good plan
  • A historic gem of Sacramento falling victim to demolition by neglect.

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